Ni Cr Si Ni Si Mg thermocouple wire (N type)


The nickel chromium silicon nickel silicon magnesium thermocouple (N-type thermocouple) is a low metal thermocouple, which is the latest internationally standardized thermocouple. The nominal chemical composition of the positive pole (NP) is: Ni: Cr: Si ≈ 84.4:14.2:1.4, and the nominal chemical composition of the negative pole (NN) is: Ni: Si: Mg ≈ 95.5:4.4:0.1. Its use temperature range is - 200~1300 ℃.

N-type thermocouple has the advantages of larger thermoelectric electromotive force, higher sensitivity, better stability and uniformity, strong oxidation resistance, and is not affected by short-range ordering. Its comprehensive performance is superior to that of K-type thermocouple. Type N thermocouples cannot be directly used in sulfur, reducing or alternate reducing and oxidizing atmospheres and vacuum at high temperatures, nor are they recommended for weak oxidizing atmospheres.