Copper copper nickel thermocouple wire (T type)


Copper copper nickel thermocouple (T-type thermocouple), also known as copper constantan thermocouple, is the best low temperature low metal thermocouple. Its positive pole (TP) is pure copper, and its negative pole (TN) is copper nickel alloy, often called constantan. It is common with the EN of nickel chromium constantan and cannot be common with the JN of iron constantan, although they are all called constantan. The measuring temperature range of copper copper nickel thermocouple is - 200~350 ℃.

T-type thermocouple has the advantages of good linearity, large thermoelectric electromotive force, high sensitivity, good stability and uniformity, low price, etc. It is especially used in the temperature range of - 200~0 ℃, with better stability, and the annual stability can be less than ± 3 μ. After low temperature verification, it can be used as a second-class standard for low temperature value transfer.

The anode copper of T-type thermocouple has poor oxidation resistance at high temperature, so the upper limit of the use temperature is limited.